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Torn (Divided #1)

Marcus has his life pretty much figured out at twenty five years old. He’s got his career on track, a nice house just outside of the city, and his lifelong best friend, Hannah, by his side at every turn. The only problem is that he has been fighting with himself to tell Hannah how he really feels. How she’s all he’s been able to think about since he was old enough to have those feelings. What he doesn’t know is that Hannah is facing the same inner battle with herself about him. She fantasizes about a life with Marcus.

Will Marcus or Hannah be able to tell each other how they feel about one another? Will they be able to make a life together or does fate have other plans?

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Ripped (Divided #2)

Hannah wants Marcus, but who does Marcus want?

Marcus is a guy with choices. Choices that most guys would kill for. But these choices are not what he wants. Having to choose between a friendship or a relationship with his best friend was one thing, but now that someone else is in the picture, things seemed to have just gotten more complicated.

After making a complete fool of herself in front of Marcus, Hannah never thought she'd have the chance at redemption. That is, until Marcus comes back to apologize.

Who chooses who?

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Mended (Divided #3)